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San’an Optoelectronics Attends 1st Haixi (Xiamen) International Green Energy-saving Environmental Protection Industry Expo

The 2016 Haixi (Xiamen) International Green Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Industry Expo was held together with the 20th Machinery and Electronics Trade Fair on both Sides of the Taiwan Straits and Xiamen to Taiwan Import and Export Commodities Fair in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center on April 12-15, 2016. This exhibition took “Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection and Green Life”as its theme and arranged three exhibition zones (industrial energy conservation and environmental protection, civilian energy conservation and environmental protection and Energy Performance Contracting) to highlight green consumption and advocate  resource-conserving and environment-friendly social value concept.

San’an Optoelectronics brought its whole industrial chain products to participate in the Expo and promoted the event as one of its highlights. In B1 exhibition hall, San’an’s booth used blue and white as the main colors and diamond exhibition stand as the display platform to show the whole series products from sapphire substrate to epitaxial wafer, LED chip, CSP, LED applications and integrated circuit. The publicity and display is intuitive and rich. As for this exhibition’s theme of energy conservation and environmental protection, San’an also carried out promotion and display to the solar photovoltaic products. On the first day of the exhibition, San’an received several experts from China's overseas Chinese Federation, including CAS academicians, principals of universities and chief scientists, etc. After visiting the industrial chain products, the experts visited the San’an IC circuit exhibition area and asked some questions with interest.

San’an’s corporate philosophy of “Lead the chip trend and offer new energy” conforms to the exhibition’s theme. As the leading enterprise of China’s LED industry, the exhibition of San’an has important significance in regard of promoting the production and demands, technology communication and popular science education in the industrial upstream and downstream areas.
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