SAIC established a compound semiconductor manufacturing platform which combines process technologies for microwave radio frequency, high power electronics, and optical, by having in-house capability and vertical integration of substrate materials, epitaxy growth and wafer fabrication.


In the field of radio frequency millimeter wave, SAIC has launched advanced process technologies for wireless applications such as GaAs HBT, pHEMT and has built a large-scale professional 4-inch and 6-inch compound wafer manufacturing line. In the field of power electronics, SAIC has launched SiC power diodes and silicon-based GaN power devices with high reliability and high power density. In the field of optical communications, SAIC has been capable of producing DFB lasers, photodiodes, avalanche photodiodes and other high-speed optical communication products, and has developed high-power visible and infrared VCSELs, edge-emitting lasers and other products including for 3D sensing, LiDAR and other consumer applications.


Foundry Processes Process Family Primary use
HBT (GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor) H20HL (High Linear Process)
  • Mobile phones, wireless broadband power amplifier
  • Mobile, wireless broadband low-noise amplifier amplifier
    Communication signal switcher Communication microwave devices
  • Gain
  • Communication Signal Switcher
  • Communication microwave devices
H20HR (high toughness process)
PHEMT (Gallium Arsenide Pseudo-type High Electron Mobility Transistor)
P25ED (enhanced / depleted hybrid)
P25PA (power type)
P25SW (low starting impedance type)
GaN SBD (Gallium Nitride Schottky Diode) Fast Recovery Schottky Diode Green energy-saving devices:
  • Power conversion / inverters for consumer electronics products
  • Vehicles / Vehicles Use Power Conversion / Inverters
  • Industrial Power Conversion / Inverters
GaN FETs Depletion type field effect transistor
Enhanced Field Effect Transistor
Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser
  • Proximity sensor, 3D sensing/HDMI